Here are some answers to common questions. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us today.

Lots of fun activities await you at Sky Vista Lots of fun activities await you at Sky Vista You'll be at home in our welcoming community You'll feel at home in our welcoming community We have many great models to choose from We have many great models to choose from

  1. Is Sky Vista a 55+ community?
    We are designated as a 55+ adult community. However, guests, children and grandchildren are welcome to visit anytime.
  2. What safety and security measures are available at Sky Vista?
    We have a manager living year around onsite, a gated entrance and a six-foot security wall around the entire complex and are in a 55+ neighborhood.
  3. Do you own your lot?
    Lots may be purchased, leased or rented.
  4. How many lots do you have and what size are they?
    We have only 74 total lots which is small enough to know everyone. Our narrowest lots are 50 feet wide and the longest are 82 feet. All lots will accommodate a double-wide manufactured home with a garage. (no park models allowed)
  5. Is Sky Vista in a good location?
    Sky Vista is located halfway between Yuma and the Foothills, one quarter mile off 32nd Street. It is in the city limits, handy to shopping and in a very quiet 55+ neighborhood.
  6. What is included in a home and garage or carport package?
    In addition to the double-wide home and a sheet rocked garage or full length carport; we include appliances, many upgrades, heat pumps, patios, city impact fees and all sales taxes (approximately $20,500 in city fees and sales taxes which are not always included in other project pricing).
  7. Are there planned recreational activities?
    Our onsite manager is responsible for coordinating our parties, pot lucks, game nights, special events etc.
  8. Do you allow Rv's in the subdivision?
    Yes we do allow Rv's to be parked on some of our larger lots next to your home and we also offer a graveled parking lot for storage of your RV.
  9. Do you have a homeowners association?
    The entire complex is controlled by a homeowners association. Each lot purchased includes a 1/74 ownership in the common areas and voting rights in the association.
  10. How much are the homeowner (strata) dues?
    Dues are only $90 per month and include full use of all the recreational facilities.
  11. Are pets allowed?
    Pets are allowed as long as they are not a nuisance to others. We have a fenced dog run area where pets may be unleashed.
  12. How much are the real estate taxes?
    2018-19 taxes on a $150,000 home are less than $1,500.
  13. Is financing available?
    Thirty year, fixed rate financing is available, or the seller will carry a contract. Trade-ins are welcome as a down payment.